How to entertain a cat and how to help it not to be bored at home?

By | 27th March 2021

A bored cat can’t be happy. If you stimulate your pet’s brain activity and keep them interested through games, it will make them happier. This is especially true if the cat is prone to destructive behavior, such as cutting curtains or digging up pots of flowers. She may also show that she is bored by being aggressive or showing signs of depression. If you are concerned about this behavior, first show it to your veterinarian to exclude background diseases that may be the cause of the problem behavior. If the veterinarian does not find anything serious, it is most likely that she is just bored. How to entertain a pet while the owner is not at home? Here are some simple ideas to keep your cat’s mind occupied, whether you’re at home or not:

1. Let lunch be the prey

Instead of just filling your cat’s bowl, offer her a puzzle feeder. Then she will first have to figure out how to get food from the maze, or bypass a series of obstacles to eat it. You can buy a puzzle feeder or make it yourself. Take a clean plastic bottle or other container and cut out the holes through which the feed pellets can pass. Another educational game for a cat that is easy to implement is to hide food all over the house. Hidden Object search for cats is a great and easy-to-implement way to keep your pet busy during your absence, as well as to stimulate her physical activity. Try to hide a small amount of food in different places in the house, using cells cut out of the egg container.

2. Encourage her natural hunting instinct

Mechanical toys in the shape of mice, a laser pointer, or even a simple string that you run across the floor can interest your cat and stimulate its mental activity, awakening the innate hunting instinct. Bonus: the way she behaves, preparing for the attack, is sure to make you laugh and entertain your whole family! You can increase her interest by placing boxes everywhere where she can hide while waiting for the “prey” to approach. In addition to mental stimulation, these cat games are a great way for you and your family to spend time and make friends with your pet.


3. Give her a chance to climb

Cat trees and houses perfectly stimulate the mental and physical activity of pets. The innate urge to climb higher, where they are less vulnerable to predators, is encoded in the DNA of cats. In addition, it makes it easier for them to track down their prey. Cat trees and houses allow the cat to climb and sharpen its claws, as its ancestors did. These devices come in different shapes and sizes-find exactly the ones that will appeal to your pet, as well as distract her from your home decor. You will definitely enjoy watching her climb up and play with her new toy. This will also reduce its destructive behavior in the house, as it will be able to sharpen its claws and climb its tree, leaving your furniture alone.


4. Review capability

How to entertain a cat suffering from loneliness? These animals are curious and love to watch what is happening around them. If you have a window with a view of a bird feeder or another equally attractive picture, it will be a great place for cat sightings. Incredibly, the cat is able to entertain itself for hours, watching the birds outside the window and occupying its mind. If the view from your window is not particularly interesting, you can turn on the TV for her and find a program about birds or squirrels. This, too, may keep her busy for a long time. Just make sure that the cat doesn’t reach the screen to poke it with its paw.

There are even mobile apps created specifically for cats. If you have a tablet with a scratch-resistant screen, you can download any of these games. They are designed to stimulate feline activity — cats can touch various objects with their paws and watch them slide across the screen.

5. Make a friend for her

A second cat may be what the doctor ordered for your bored pet, according to Companion Animal Psychology. Two cats can keep each other company during your absence, play and lick each other. However, before you get a second pet, think about the additional costs and hassle. Do not do this if you are not sure that you are ready for double responsibility. But if you decide, introduce the animals to each other slowly, because such an experience can be a very strong experience for both cats.

Just like humans, pets can get bored sitting at home all day. But with these simple tips, you can help your cat banish boredom and stay alert, engaged, active and joyful for years to come!



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