9 myths about castration

Almost every pet owner sooner or later thinks about how to sterilize their pet, but is afraid to harm him. Sometimes it is really difficult to make an informed decision, because there are a huge number of myths about this procedure. Let’s take a closer look at 9 of them.

1. Castration a very complex operation

The most difficult part of this operation is anesthesia. The operation itself, despite the fact that it is hollow in females, is performed quite quickly and with minimal incisions. In veterinary clinics where operating teams operate, you will be offered to leave your pet in a preoperative hospital. Do not be afraid and safely entrust your pet to professionals — in the hospital, the pet will be carefully monitored before and after the operation and will give you the pet after he or she fully wakes up and their condition is stable.

2. Before castration, the female must give birth once

No, she shouldn’t. Even on the contrary — if you castration a cat or dog before puberty, the pet will avoid many health problems. Experts recommend to carry out castration before the first estrus or up to a year in the male. Castration of females under the age of 6 months reduces the risk of breast cancer by 91%, and under the age of 12 months – by 86%.

3. The postoperative period is very long

Recovery after surgery takes from 7 to 14 days, depending on the individual characteristics of the animal, males after castration recover much faster than females. Immediately after the operation, the pet does not need to be placed on a high surface, as it may fall. Then you will need to take care of the seam and control the pet so that it does not lick the seams. Special horse blankets and Elizabethan collars will help to cope with this.

4. Hormonal drugs are much safer

At the moment, there are no sufficient studies confirming the effectiveness of contraceptive drugs in animals. These drugs temporarily suppress sexual cycles in pets, and therefore require course use, which can negatively affect the pet’s body.

5. After the procedure, the pet will gain weight

If you follow the nutrition of your pet and with the help of a veterinary specialist choose a balanced diet for it-then no, it will not gain. And do not forget that the animal needs physical activity, regardless of whether it is castration or not.

6. After the operation, the animal will become lazy

If you carefully monitor the health of your pet and regularly play with him, then nothing in his behavior after the operation should not change. The temperament of the animal does not change after the procedure.

7. Why castration? We’ll find a home for the kittens

If the pet is pedigreed, then finding new owners for kittens may not be difficult. However, often the search for new owners can end in failure. Cats can give birth three times a year, and there are rarely fewer than three kittens in a litter. Are you really ready to put a new litter in good hands several times a year?

8. It’s against nature!

Let’s start with the fact that in the wild there is no intervention in the body of animals at all: no vaccinations, no treatment against parasites, no balanced feeding, no complex operations that save the lives of animals. In nature, the strongest and most persistent individuals survive, able to cope with injuries on their own and find food for themselves, but even they do not have a very long life expectancy. Pets live in completely different conditions.

9. The character of the animal will change for the worse

The character of domestic animals deteriorates just during estrus or puberty and the search for a mate for mating. During this period, cats can go to the toilet anywhere, spoil furniture, carpets and shoes. It is better to prevent this behavior and castrate the pet in time.

In any case, before making a decision, be sure to consult with your veterinarian. The specialist will make the necessary tests, select the best option for your pet surgery, tell you about the preparation for the procedure and postoperative rehabilitation of the animal.



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