About cattery «Fire Stone»


Cattery "Fire Stone" WCF. Maine Coon, Sphynx, Bambino, Elf.

Our cattery specializes in breeding of 4 magnificent breeds Maine Coon, Canadian Sphynx, Bambino and Elf.
At this moment in our cattery is available for sale kittens of Maine Coon, Canadian Sphynx, Bambino & Elf.
Our cattery is located in Ukraine. We can shipping worldwide.

On pages of website you can see photos of kittens and adult cats of our cattery, to receive recommendations on care of a cat, to see a photos, to visit a photo gallery of adult cats and kittens for sale (may be, somebody from them becomes a member of your family). We try to bring up correctly our small pets, carefully we watch over their health. Adult animals pass obligatory annual vaccination. Unlike many catteries, our cats and kittens live with us as members of our family and have free walk without cages!. Cats and kittens have communication with us every day 24 hours a day.

In our cattery You can select cat, both for breeding, and pet. The kittens ship to new owner not earlier at 3,5 months old from birth. All kittens are completely vaccinated, have the veterinary passport, pedigree (at buyer’s request).

On the WCF official website of the global operating federation of cat clubs wcf.de/en/cattery-names you can check our cattery name, this indicates that we have a breeding license and all our cats have pedigrees.