What dangers for Maine Coon lie in wait at home?

By | 20th April 2020

Maine Coons are considered one of the largest cat breeds of cats. They are famous for their good disposition, but not an easy character. And if such fluffy happiness appeared in the family, prepare for the fact that everything in the house will not remain without his attention. At a young age and even as an adult, Maine Coon is very curious. Everywhere he needs to stick his nose. It is because of the pet’s great curiosity that Maine Coon is in danger almost everywhere.

So, what are the dangers that an animal can face in a house?

Small toys, needles, pins, New Year’s garlands, polyethylene, foil, as well as fishing accessories: hooks and lures, can be dangerous for a kitten and even an adult Maine Coon. The owner of a curious cat should keep such things out of the reach of the pet. It is from the observance of order that the life and health of the furry pet depends.

— Also, sewing thread is a threat. A cat, having seen a skein or just a thread left by the owner, will not pass by, but will certainly try to swallow it. And this is fraught for the animal: either the thread gets stuck in the teeth, or gets entangled in the tongue, thereby causing edema.

– Store detergent, dishwashing detergents and other chemicals, keep them closed and inaccessible to your pet. – Dangerous for Maine Coon and some types of houseplants with which he can be poisoned or injured.

– Watch the cat carefully if the gas stove is turned on in the kitchen, especially when there is a pot of freshly cooked food on the stove. There is a risk that the animal may burn or scald.

– If you have Maine Coon in the house, it is recommended to fix all available wires as best as possible, if it is not possible to fix, try to hide it under a carpet or baseboard. Otherwise, the cat will begin to be interested in wires, and there it will begin to nibble them. This is dangerous for the animal, as the pet may die from electric shock.

Do not forget to turn off appliances from outlets, leaving the house for a while.

– The refrigerator, the oven and the washing machine are also dangerous – the cat can get in there.

– It is not recommended to tie the toys to the ropes, as when playing, the cat may get confused and suffocate. – A major danger to the life and health of Maine Coon is open windows and balconies.

Do not leave your pet alone in a room with an open window, even if a mosquito net is installed on the window.

Observing such simple safety rules for Maine Coon cats, the owner will ensure the safety of his beloved pet, which means it will prolong his life.

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