Maine Coon kitten in the house: meeting other animals

Often, pet lovers keep several pets at home. If you already have a dog or cat, and you want to bring the Maine Coon kitten to a house where other animals live, then be prepared for some difficulties.

Another cat in the house

Cats are usually very jealous. Few of them are happy to accept a new family member. Rather, you will be forced to observe ostentatious indifference, or even open discontent.

At first, carefully observe how the cat perceives a Maine Coon kitten. Most importantly, do not allow the manifestation of aggression. It is advisable to feed the animals separately from each other and play with them in neutral territory.

The younger the cat, the easier it is to adapt to change. Your task is to ensure that the animal does not feel deprived of attention. Try to give your cat as much time as before, then she will not be jealous. If the cat is aggressive, you will have to isolate the animals from each other for a while. Close them in different rooms, let them communicate through a closed door. After a few days, swap the cat and kitten so that they are used to smelling each other. In the end, the peace in your home will be restored, you just need to show patience.

Dog in the house

How the first meeting of the dog and the Maine Coon kitten will take place depends on the nature of the dog. If you have an affectionate and obedient dog, then most likely there will be no problems. Make sure that he does not accidentally step on the kitten or crush him.

With an aggressive dog, be on your guard. Immediately rigidly suppress any attempts to growl at the kitten or bite it. It will take only one blow of the teeth, and you will lose a new pet forever. As a rule, the master’s authority does its job, and the dog calms down. But if a similar reaction was noticed, then it can manifest itself again at any time. In this case, it is better not to leave animals alone.

If a hunting dog lives in your home (dachshund, terrier, husky), then be careful. These breeds have been used for centuries for hunting and hunting. Even if the dog has never been on a real hunt, genetic memory may one day wake up. Be sure to put animals in different rooms when you leave.

Kitten or puppy

If you already have a kitten or puppy at home, then with the advent of a new pet there will be no difficulties. Maine Coon cats adapt perfectly to change. They will soon become best friends, will sleep in an embrace and play with each other when you are not at home.

The animals in the house are always joy. Do not be afraid to have a second pet, of course, there are difficulties, but they are all solved.

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