How to feed maine coon

There is no consensus on the proper Maine Coon diet. Some people think that the choice of professional feed is the right decision, while others say that you need to make a choice in favor of natural food. Still others (and most of them) talk about the benefits of mixed feeding.

When choosing ready-made feeds, pay attention to their quality. It is best to take advantage of specially formulated premium Maine Coon feed. They will provide the pet with all the necessary nutrients, including minerals and vitamins.

If your pet will eat only ready-made feeds, then there is no need to offer him additional vitamin complexes.

If your choice fell in favor of «naturalka», then be sure to take care of adding vitamin complexes to the pet’s diet.

What can Maine Coon make from natural products? Low-fat boiled meat (turkey, chicken, beef) is great for eating Maine Coon. From fish, you can offer your pet trout, herring, salmon and other boiled fish of noble varieties. When preparing food for a pet, exclude the addition of salt and spices.

If the pet is on mixed feeding, then high-quality industrial feed is taken as the basis, and natural products as an addition. But no matter what type of food you choose, take care of adding sprouted oats to the Maine Coon diet, which the pet needs to periodically cleanse the stomach.

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