Why can’t Maine Coons be given milk?

Why can’t Maine Coons be given milk? After Maine Coon kittens are weaned from their mother’s milk, most of them become intolerant of lactose (sugar, which is part of milk). This is due to the fact that cats lose the ability to produce a sufficient amount of such an enzyme as lactase, which is necessary for milk to be absorbed.

Lactose intolerance in Maine Coon is due to the fact that the animal’s body, due to a lack of lactase, is unable to break down milk into simple sugars, which must subsequently be absorbed into the blood. Instead, the non-cleaved substances remain in the animal’s digestive system. As a result, bacteria present in the body cause fermentation of non-processed foods, which, in turn, leads to increased gas formation, bloating and diarrhea.

Little Maine Coon kittens definitely need milk. This is a prerequisite for the survival and normal development of kittens. The process of weaning from breastfeeding, and therefore from milk, usually begins in the fourth week of life. Until this period, milk is the main food of kittens. At the same time, it should be remembered that people do not feed an infant with cow’s milk. The situation is similar with Maine coons. Kittens will benefit from eating exclusively mother’s milk.

There are cases when a kitten is deprived of its mother or mother’s milk for some reason, and it is not possible to find a nursing cat. In this case, the food for the Maine Coon kitten should be developed by a veterinarian. Do not try to replace special food with ordinary cow’s milk! Such milk is designed for feeding a calf, and the needs of a calf and a kitten are fundamentally different.

Are all Maine Coons lactose intolerant? There is only one way to find out if your pet is lactose intolerant – give a little milk, and then monitor the health of the cat. In most cases, the Maine Coon has diarrhea. If no negative consequences have happened, then you can safely sometimes please the cat with this delicacy, which should not become a daily food.

If you want to give your cat milk, then the best and safest option is to purchase special lactose-free milk. You can buy it in a supermarket or in a pet store.

Remember that if you feed your pet with special feeds, then there is no need for milk. After all, the feed contains all the necessary nutrients. In addition, milk contains a large number of calories, which the Maine Coon already receives along with the main food. There is a danger of such a disease as obesity. That is why it is always necessary to ensure that the Maine Coon always has fresh water in the drinking bowl, especially after taking milk.

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