Five reasons why the Maine Coon is hungry all the time

By | 9th November 2022

Five reasons why the Maine Coon is hungry all the time. Each Maine Coon has a unique character: someone meows loudly until he is fed, and someone looks long and intently, trying to attract the attention of the owner. In our article we will understand why the Maine Coon can ask for food more often than usual, and also how, when and what to feed the cat properly.

Five reasons why the Maine Coon is hungry all the time


It is recommended to feed an adult healthy Maine Coon 2 times a day — in the morning and in the evening. And preferably at the same time.

If the Maine Coon is not prone to overeating, you can leave the food in a bowl for the whole day. So he will eat when he wants to. In this case, it is important to make sure that the food does not get stuck and does not lose its taste qualities.

The diet is chosen in accordance with the age and health characteristics of the pet. It is convenient to measure the portion size according to the recommendations on the package. However, it also happens that the Maine Coon begs for food much more often than the prescribed feedings. There may be several reasons for this:

  1. Wants a treat. Maine Coon can ask you for something delicious, even if he is full. The delicacy is tastier and more attractive than the usual diet, so the pet may be curious to try it.
  2. Asks for attention. The cat may also lack communication with the owner. And begging for food in this case is an attempt to attract his attention or a way to cope with stress from lack of communication.
  3. Does not eat enough. Maine Coon may really lack food if he is very active or if you have recently changed the food to a new one. It may also be hormonal changes after sterilization or castration. Therefore, veterinarians advise transferring sterilized and neutered cats to special diets.
  4. Habit. Yes, and it happens. Maine Coon may ask for more food, for example, because of a hungry past. This is often found in animals that have lived in unfavorable conditions.
  5. Health problems. Unfortunately, constant begging for food can also indicate diseases. If your Maine Coon constantly asks to eat, take him to the veterinarian and make sure that the pet is healthy. Perhaps the number of feedings and the portion size will have to be adjusted.


  • Monitor the general condition of the Maine Coon. If the pet has no visible changes in appearance and behavior, it is active and behaves as usual, check its weight. Perhaps the cat has grown up and he really lacks the portion offered.
  • If the Maine Coon has become less active, the condition of the coat has changed, the weight has changed, be sure to consult a veterinarian.
  • In no case do not feed the cat food from the table, even if he really asks. It is better to choose for him a wet food with an unusual taste or texture as a treat.

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