The difference between economy and premium cat food

The appearance of a pet in the house is not only a joyful event. It is worth taking care that the animal grows in comfortable conditions and receives proper care and nutrition. In the last question, you can go two ways — feed it with natural products or specialized diets. The modern range of feed is so large that it is almost impossible to decide.

Economy class diet — what are its features?

The main distinguishing features that the economy class feed has are the following:

  1. The main composition of such products is corn and cereals. Most often, the list of ingredients does not even specify the type of cereal crops, but is marked «cereals and an ingredient of plant origin». When purchasing such feeds, it is worth clarifying what exactly is hidden under such a description.
  2. As a source of protein in the feed economy uses plant components. A particularly popular ingredient is corn gluten and a variety of plant protein extracts. But meat ingredients are positioned as flour of animal origin, meat and its derivatives, poultry flour.
  3. The composition of the feed does not imply the presence of additional components that are aimed at solving a variety of health problems. Therefore, among the products of the economy class, there are practically no diets for cats suffering from obesity, allergic reactions, sterilized animals, etc.
  4. The most important advantage of the economy diet is its affordable price and a wide range of flavors and consistencies. So, you can pick up for a pet, both dry food and canned food, pieces in jelly, pates.

Premium pet food-what is their uniqueness?

The diet for cats premium-class cats has the following distinctive characteristics:

  1. Meat components and natural meat are used as a source of protein in such products. In the composition, the manufacturer indicates the exact percentage of their content. But corn gluten is not used. The only thing that the creators of such diets can afford is pea or potato protein.
  2. In most cases, oats and rice are the sources of carbohydrate, less often-potatoes and barley. Such components are much faster and easier to digest, and also do not cause allergic reactions.
  3. Premium feeds are supplemented exclusively with antioxidants and preservatives of natural origin. These include rosemary and a mixture of tocopherols, which are essentially vitamin E.
  4. Unlike economy products, premium feeds have a richer and more diverse composition. They consist of several meat components, a variety of vegetables, valuable additives, mineral and vitamin complexes.

Economy or premium — how to make the right choice?

When choosing the optimal diet for your pet, you should pay attention to the following important nuances:

The age of the animal. If we are talking about kittens and elderly pets, then they need special food.

His breed. There are products that are specially designed to take into account the characteristics of a particular breed.

Features of the body. If a cat has any health problems, then it should be fed with specialized formulations.

Considering all of the above, we can conclude that premium products are of higher quality and adapted for the full feeding of pets.


In the choice of feed, everything will depend on the financial capabilities. If you do not want to save on the food of the animal, then in the choice between economy and premium products, the second option remains a priority.

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