Maine Coon hair care

Maine Coon hair care

Maine Coon hair care. The best evidence that your pet is healthy and that you care for it properly is the condition of its coat.

Maine Coon wool with proper care gives the pet a unique charming look of a wild, but gentle beast. Maine Coon hair grows continuously. Therefore, the problem of molting pet hair is particularly acute.

During the year, the coat of Maine Coon is constantly updated. Some hairs fall out, some grow back. Wool growth is very active — about 0.5 cm per week.

At the age of six months, Maine Coon kittens undergo the first molt. Proper care of the hair of long-haired cats is a whole science. Maine Coon must be combed out with a special metal comb. His teeth are blunt, so there is no risk of injuring the skin of the pet.

Maine Coon and other long-haired cats should be combed in the direction from head to tail, and on the contrary, the lush mane should be combed in the opposite direction.

From the very beginning, try to make combing your pet a pleasant and painless procedure.

Maine Coon hair care

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