Litter «S» — sold (USA)

By | 18th April 2022

DOB: February 17, 2022

Shipping to Canada and the USA is possible. Shipping to Germany, European countries and on request to any country in the world is also possible.


Gender: female
Color: n 03
Name: Shelbi Fire Stone
Status: not for sale



Gender: male
Color: d 03
Name: Sebastian Fire Stone
Status: sold (USA) 



Gender: male
Color: ns
Name: Sheridan Fire Stone
Status: sold (Lindsay, USA) 

Gender: female
Color: gs 22 03
Name: Sofia Fire Stone
Status: sold (Erica, USA) 

Gender: female
Color: gs 25 03
Name: Stefani Fire Stone
Status: sold (Laura, USA)

8 thoughts on “Litter «S» — sold (USA)

  1. Emma

    Hello, I am interested in Sebastian. What is his price with breeding rights? We are a TICA registered cattery in the USA. You may text or email me back. I’d also love photos of his parents. Thank you kindly

  2. Gregoire

    Bonjour, j’ai vu la photo de Shelbi Fire Stone? Si c’est le cas est-elle encore disponible ?

  3. Lettizia

    I would like to purchase a Maine Coon.. do you still have any available? Do you ship to the US and what are the prices?


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