Litter “G” – sold (USA)

DOB: December 24, 2019
Males: 1
Females: 2
Sire: Bro Santa
Dam: Amihea

Shipping to Canada and the USA is possible. Shipping to Germany, European countries and on request to any country in the world is also possible.


Gender: Female
Color:  w
Name: Gaell Fire Stone
Status: sold (Chelsea / USA, Chicago)

Gender: Male
Color:  d 22 09
Name: Gaspar Fire Stone
Status: sold (Dak D. / USA)


  1. Pia

    My name is , from Sweden.
    How much is this kitten. And is it possible to ship to Sweden?

    1. Margaret

      Hi I’m Margaret from Austria.
      Is Gaell available for sale now? How much would a shipping to Carinthia in Austria cost?
      When Gaell is available, would it be possible to send me an Email, if you got time? So we can discuss evrything clearly-
      Thank you very much!!
      Maybe we will see us soon with Gaell?
      Margaret Feiel

      1. Cattery (Post author)

        HI, Gaell is available for sale and ready to travel. For other questions, please contact us by email or via whatsapp +380990610301

  2. India

    Hi, my name is India. we been looking for a coon cat for a long time if they are still available please contact us

    Thanks, India

  3. Cattery (Post author)

    Hi. Female Gaell is available for sale. Please write to email or whatsapp +380990610301, we will answer all your questions.

  4. Natalie

    Ich interessiere mich für ein kleines Mädchen. Wenn Sie noch einen haben? Liebe Grüße Nathalie.

    1. Cattery (Post author)

      Guten Morgen,

      ja, das Weibchen steht zum Verkauf. Bitte schreiben Sie uns an die email oder an die Nummer whatsapp +380990610301 für weitere Informationen.



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