Litter “A” – sold (Germany)

By | 12th February 2019

DOB: September 27, 2018

Shipping to Canada and the USA is possible. Shipping to Germany, European countries and on request to any country in the world is also possible.


Gender: Female
Color:  n 22
Name: Amiso Fire Stone
Status: sold (Natali G. / Germany)

7 thoughts on “Litter “A” – sold (Germany)

    1. Cattery Post author

      Tomorrow I will post new photos of Litter “A”.
      Other kittens from Litter “A” will also be published (today or tomorrow)

  1. Karen Oakley

    Hi. How much for Maine Coon? It doesn’t matter size. I want one for pet only. I’m disabled and spend most of my time in bed I want one that is lovable and cuddly. I want a companion for the very bad days of pain. Thank you.

  2. Vera

    Good afternoon, I saw the picture for Available Amiso, an FB,and now here

    and it seems to be still free … it would interest me if it was available for breeding, how can it be transported to Croatia, what kind of practice is it and of course what price it is and whether there are any details I should to know … I’m very interested, I love them endlessly and they will have a warm home, that’s for sure … thanks for the answer, have a nice day


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