By | 20th December 2020

Owner: Sinakin A.
Test: FIV — negative, FeLV — negative

2 thoughts on “Funny

  1. Robbie Wyman

    Hello… I’m very interested in a wonderful Bambino young adult {or maybe a kitten}. I’ve been in Animal Rescue for over 45 years, as well as a Vet Tech. I’ve since retired due to health issues. I’m now in a wheelchair. This last year I’ve lost the last of my feline companions. Both developed Thyroid problems. Because of my own health issues, I’m looking for a small, framed cat. My mother lives with us, also. I have 4 French Bulldogs, my Mom has 2 tiny Chihuahuas and my husband has a German Shepherd. My e-mail address is: Thank you so very much!


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