Expectant mother: pregnancy and a cat in the house

Expectant mother: pregnancy and a cat in the house

Expectant mother: pregnancy and a cat in the house. How still a lot of pleasant troubles a woman delivers pregnancy. All you can hear from your friends and relatives is: you can’t do it, don’t go there, your head is just spinning.

The same applies to the question of the possibility of finding a cat in the house during your pregnancy.

The grandmother, most likely, will argue that it is impossible in any case, and the doctor, perhaps, will support her. Girlfriends on the forums, in turn, will tell about the fact that they have already suffered several pregnancies with their pets and nothing bad has happened to them or to the baby.

And yet, what danger can a cat pose? The first and main reason why it is better for a cat to move to another place for a while is toxoplasmosis. It is the cat that can infect the future mother with this sore, which is very dangerous for the future baby.

In fact, this toxoplasma microorganism is not only in the body of a cat, but also in birds, dogs and people, but this microbe can only multiply in a cat.

It is worth noting that neither for a person nor for a cat this disease does not pose any danger, you may not know at all that you are its carrier, because it is symptomatically similar to a cold. The greatest threat it poses to the unborn child.

Even in the womb, the central nervous system of the fetus is infected, and the child may be born with an underdeveloped brain, or even die before being born.

That is why, if a woman is diagnosed with this disease before 24 weeks, it is recommended to terminate the pregnancy.

But is everything really so terrible, and you will have to say goodbye to your pet for the whole 9 months? Of course, everything is not clear. This disease is dangerous for the baby, if you get it first. Thus, if your cat has been a member of the family for a long time, then most likely you have been ill for a long time, which means that you have immunity and this microbe is not terrible for you.

And to make sure that there is no danger, it is enough to pass the examination together with the cat. There can be three results. In the first case, neither you nor the cat are sick — you can leave your pet at home, but be very careful. In the second case, the cat is sick, and you are not. This is the worst outcome, and you will have to ask someone else to take care of it during pregnancy. And in the third case, both your cat and you are carriers – in this case, the cat can stay in the family.

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