Briefly about the breed Maine Coon

By | 13th April 2020

Maine Coon is the largest cat breed in the world. They have a long thick coat of different colors. The length of animals of this breed can be more than a meter, and their weight is in the range of 4-7 kg for female and 9-13 kg for male.

Cats of this breed have been attracting attention for several decades in a row.

In addition to its impressive size, a distinctive feature of this breed are tassels on the ears, like a lynx and a very long fluffy tail that reaches the animal’s shoulder blades.

Cats of this breed are friendly and kind, “talkative”, calm, smart, quite independent. Cats live this product for quite some time. Let’s figure out the appearance of the thoroughbred representative:

The head is oblong, with a massive chin, long ears with tassels at the tips (sometimes without them), eyes are oval. The trunk is large, the legs are proportional to the trunk, large, strong. The coat is long, very thick, with a dense undercoat on the stomach. The color of cats can be very diverse.

How to care for Maine Coon
One of the indispensable conditions is that cats of this breed should spend a lot of time outdoors.

In a private house this is easier to ensure, but even if the animal lives in an apartment, you can walk it on a harness. Letting cats out for a walk is recommended only after all the necessary vaccinations.

Although Maine Coons have long and fluffy hair, the owners’ concerns about it are minimal. It is enough to comb it at least once a week, every day it is combed out only when the animal sheds. Bathing cats is enough 4-6 times a year, although Maine Coons are very fond of water.

Their wool has a unique ability to clean itself. The ears, eyes, teeth of Maine Coon require care, like other animals.

How and what to feed
We recommend that you give Maine Coon food as specialized or natural ready-made food. If you buy ready-made feed, you must consider the age and weight of the animal.

If fed with natural feed, then the menu in cats should be balanced in vitamins and minerals. The basis of nutrition should be meat. It can be of different varieties: turkey, chicken, rabbit, veal.

Heat treatment of meat is necessary to prevent infection of the animal with helminths. Also necessary products for cats are vegetables (carrots, beets, zucchini, broccoli cabbage), greens (parsley, dill, salad).

Vegetables can be given both boiled and raw, pre-chopped, mixing them with meat. Loved by all cats, only marine fish are given in raw (after freezing) or boiled form.

In addition to the main dish, animals can be given cereals (buckwheat, rice). Sour milk products of medium fat content and boiled yolk are also allowed. With the natural method of feeding, vitamins should be additionally prescribed by the veterinarian.

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