What to buy for a Maine Coon kitten

What to buy for a Maine Coon kitten? Any buyer should ask himself such questions. As a rule, people expect that with the appearance of a Maine Coon kitten in their life, the house will be filled with warmth and comfort. A new pet will definitely justify these hopes, but first it is necessary to ensure his cozy stay in the house: take care of what the kitten will eat, where to sleep, where to relieve himself and how his leisure will be organized.

What to buy for a Maine Coon kitten

Modern pet stores can provide a large assortment of everything you need to buy for a Maine Coon kitten: special food, hygiene products and all the necessary accessories for this breed. For convenience, you should prepare a shopping list before going to the store.

First of all, to transport a Maine Coon kitten from the kennel, you should buy a carrier. Of course, the first transportation can be carried out and, as they say, «in the bosom», but it will be more far-sighted to think about further trips to the veterinary clinic, out of town, on a visit, abroad by plane or car.

For practical reasons, it is best to immediately take a carrier for an adult animal, because Maine Coon kittens grow very quickly. The owner will not have time to look around, as the animal will reach the size of an adult cat, and a small carrier will become too tight for him. Saving is also not worth it – this is a purchase for life. Plastic carriers are the most convenient and practical: they are easy to disassemble and clean.

It is quite obvious that the new pet will need food. To choose food, it is best to visit a specialized pet store: so the owner will be able to get acquainted with a large selection and get professional advice.

In order not to provoke a digestive disorder, you should not immediately buy a large number of different types of feed «on trial». It is recommended to limit your choice to one firm. The ideal option is to use the same diet that the breeder previously fed.

Experts in the field of pet feeding currently agree that it is most correct to feed cats by combining wet and dry food. Wet (canned) food is offered to the pet 1-2 times a day, while the dry diet is in a bowl on a regular basis. Thus, it turns out to ensure constant access of the animal to food, provide it with an additional source of moisture (in the form of a wet diet) and pamper the kitten with a variety of flavors and textures.

Be sure to take care of the bowls for the Maine Coon kitten. He will be able to eat from home utensils, but the use of specialized bowls will facilitate easier access to food.

The kitten will need three bowls: the first is for wet food and treats, the second is for dry food, the third is for clean drinking water. It is recommended to choose bowls made of inert materials, such as ceramics and glass, so as not to provoke irritation of the pet’s skin and oxidation of the feed. Pay attention to the unusual feature of Maine Coons, they «dig water», why this happens can be read in this article.

A kitten maine coon litter tray is also required for purchase. In any pet store, you can find a dozen different designs: indoor and non-indoor, with and without mesh, angular and straight, square and rounded, electronic self-washing and the simplest, made of inexpensive plastic.

The choice of tray depends on the habits of the cat, the features of the interior and the material capabilities of the owner. If there are no concrete ideas on this score, for the first time it is easiest to purchase the simplest and most inexpensive option. But please note that small trays for the Maine Coon will not work, as it grows, it will need the largest tray. If there are none in your pet store, you can buy a container for mixing cement mixture in a construction store.

What to buy for a Maine Coon kitten



As a filler, the most important thing is not to use newspaper, other paper or rags for the tray. Over time, the Maine Coon kitten, accustomed to defecating on such materials, will perceive documents left on the coffee table or things as the same toilet. It can be very difficult to wean animals from this.

It is recommended to use specialized fillers: selikogel (it is forbidden to use for small kittens!) or clay, lumpy or absorbent – the choice in stores is huge. There is also no correct answer when choosing here. Over time, the owner will have time to try different options and find the one that will be most convenient.

What to buy for a Maine Coon kitten

It is recommended to get a scratching post. By training a Maine Coon kitten to the point of claws in a specific place, the owner will be able to reduce the damage caused to furniture in the future. Those who can afford the space of the apartment should think about buying a special tree, including a place to rest, and scratching posts, and even some options for static toys – a kind of gymnastics complex for a cat.

What to buy for a Maine Coon kitten

The choice of toys is limited only by the imagination of the owner and the assortment of the selected store. The only rule: toys should be specially designed for cats (it is better to buy at a pet store) – this will help prevent toxic objects unsuitable for this from getting into the mouth and swallowing.

When visiting a pet store, you also need to buy hygiene items. Shampoo for washing Maine Coon cats should be mandatory. It’s not that cats need to be washed often – they successfully cope with it themselves, but in case of contamination with toxic or difficult-to-wash substances, the presence of such shampoo in the house can really help out.

A toothbrush with specialized toothpaste – it will be nice if the owner tries to teach the Maine Coon kitten to brush teeth from childhood. It’s no secret that most cats do not tolerate this procedure in spirit, but those few pets with whom their owners still managed to agree can boast healthy teeth throughout their lives.

Comb, fluff comb, comb for tangles – the choice is often not obvious. A lot here depends on the type of skin and coat, the presence of undercoat. Before buying these care items, it is better to consult with the breeder, well, or wait for the puberty of the animal so that it becomes obvious what type of wool you will have to deal with.

What to buy for a Maine Coon kitten What to buy for a Maine Coon kitten What to buy for a Maine Coon kitten

What you will need for sure is a claw cutter. There are two main types of this simple invention on the market: the guillotine and scissors. Both tools do their job perfectly, the whole question is convenience. Most people who have ever held garden shears in their hands at least once in their life can be advised the second option (scissors).

Despite the simplicity of cutting the claws of Maine Coon kittens, it is recommended to carry out the first procedure under the supervision of a specialist (veterinarian, groomer).


So, the owner got everything he needed and, with a sense of accomplishment, got home with purchases for the kitten. Now the question arises of how to prepare an apartment for the appearance of a new family member?

First of all, it is necessary to take care of the Maine Coon kitten’s stay in a new place in its very first days. It should be understood that an unfamiliar apartment can cause a pet difficulties with orientation in space and even scare him. It is best to limit his movements within one room for 1-3 days. Put bowls of food and water in this room, place a tray with filler and give the opportunity to adapt. The Maine Coon kitten will not take long to wait: very soon he will explore all the corners of the new room, understand what the new tray looks like, and get used to eating from new bowls. In the end, the little pet himself will ask to be released outside the room allocated to him for the examination of new areas.

The first movements around the apartment should be carried out under the control of the owner: what better way to point out the shortcomings in ensuring safety for the animal than the kitten itself? If the owner sees that the animal is climbing into the toilet, close the lid and throw out the cleaning agent attached to the rim. I discovered the cat’s desire to play with the cactus – I moved the plant higher and further away. I have identified difficult accessible places where a Maine Coon kitten can hide and get stuck – I have blocked access to them. Such work will have to be carried out further, but usually the first days of acquaintance with the main space of the apartment are the most important.

It is recommended to pay attention to windows and vents: all of them should be equipped with special protective nets so that the Maine Coon kitten does not jump out of the window. All loose cords connected to the mains should also be hidden or eliminated.

Be sure that before the appearance of a Maine Coon kitten in the house, you need to make sure that there are no small objects lying on the floor that he could swallow during the game. Hide all household chemicals in a securely closed place.

It is recommended to prepare a first aid kit for a small pet. They may come in handy:

  • dressing materials: sterile bandage, cotton wool, sterile gauze napkins, patch, self-fixing elastic bandage;
  • antiseptic solutions for wound treatment, such as chlorhexidine bigluconate 0.05%, hydrogen peroxide 3%;
  • enterosorbents necessary for poisoning or diarrhea;
  • spray with panthenol – from burns;
  • electronic thermometer.

Considering that the immunity of the Maine Coon kitten is not so strong yet, it is recommended to make it a rule to limit the contact of the animal with shoes and other objects heavily polluted by the external environment. In this regard, you should place a locker at home in which to store shoes.

At the end of acquaintance with the apartment and after completing the preparation of the premises, you should gradually move the tray and bowls from the first room to permanent places. For example, place the bowls in the kitchen, and the tray next to the toilet.

Maine Coon kittens strive for development through the knowledge of a big new world for them: they taste everything, master new textures and smells, try to explore new territories, even if it is the top shelf of a two-meter cabinet, easily make contact, play a lot and sleep soundly. The owner’s task is to protect them from potential dangers, provide them with everything necessary for growth and development, and surround them with care.

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