How to wean a kitten from scratching?

A small kitten scratches — you perceive it as a game and give in. The kitten grows up, but the habits remain the same. And now you are being scratched by the claws of a grown-up domestic predator — you are not up to games. How to avoid this situation?

This problem should be solved from the very cat’s «childhood», so that an unpleasant action in the future does not become a habit.

How to wean a kitten from scratching?

Why is my kitten scratching?

Irritation and stress
The reason may be moving to a new place of residence, excessive attention of the owners, unpleasant odors and much more.

Yes, yes, the usual boredom. A kitten is a very active creature, and he needs something to occupy himself with. If he does not have enough toys, there is no play area and a scratching post, then the owner will become an obvious victim of the games.

Hunting instinct
Even a small kitten is primarily a predator. His attention can be attracted by a crow on a branch outside the window, a mouse on the TV screen, fish in an aquarium, and if kitten can’t get to the victim, then kitten can work out your instincts on the owner.

The kitten does not understand that his actions give you unpleasant sensations. He just enthusiastically indulges in the game.

How to wean a kitten from scratching?

Carefully observe the kitten and try to find the reason for its behavior. And depending on this reason, choose the tactics of behavior.

If the animal is experiencing stress, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of irritation. Or perhaps it is enough to wait a little for him to get used to this irritant.

The first enemy of decent behavior of cats at home. Toys, play complexes will help to fight it, you can attract children to play with a kitten. In general, while the kitten is not sleeping, it should be busy with active games.

If the object of the hunting instinct is the fish in the aquarium or a bird in a cage (that is, the inhabitants of the apartment), then it would be wiser to isolate them from the kitten for a while. For example, just do not let him into the room with them.

If the kitten’s attention is attracted by objects on the street, then it is worth temporarily removing them from the field of view. For example, close the curtains or lower the blinds.

This is the most common reason, and correcting scratching in the game is probably the most difficult task. You can’t punish a pet-the kitten just won’t understand why. It is necessary to show him that such a game does not suit you — just stop it and get away from the kitten. He will remember the fact of ignoring it for a long time.

If the kitten starts scratching, you can just distract it. For example, clap your hands hard or sprinkle water from a spray gun.

Warning: Never try to pull out your arm or leg in case of an attack. This is a behavior characteristic of prey, and the cat will happily continue the «pursuit».

And most importantly: if you choose one line of behavior, whether it’s care, a loud bang or a spray gun, stick to your choice always. This will allow you to fix a certain line of behavior in the kitten.

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