Bambino kittens for sale

Kittens Bambino cannot leave anyone indifferent: short legs and leather, reminiscent of velvet or suede, fascinate at first sight. For their character, the bambinos received the nickname «monkeys», because they are so playful, active and inquisitive. Even short paws do not stop small explorers. Cats run with pleasure, resembling a ferret, and even jump on low surfaces.

Cats Bambino quickly become attached to a person and retain love for life. They are wonderful companions who will accompany their master everywhere. By the way, it was noticed that representatives of this breed are excellent travelers, easily enduring travel. The main thing for them is that the owner is there.

Dear friends, in our cattery you can find your kitten Bambino. On this page you can see Bambino kittens available for sale in our cattery. We would like to draw your attention, not all kittens are posted on our website.
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Bambino kittens for sale in USA